Periodic generation of Activities(1)
Periodic Activities - Documentation

  Export Wizard - periodicity selection
Select first the type of periodicity you want (everyday except holidays / every tuesday...).

The periodicity window is divided into three panels allowing you to specify:
  • a periodicity based on days (every Monday / every Tuesday and Friday...)
  • a periodicity based on months (every month / every January and March...)
  • a periodicity based on years (every year / every two years...)

Looking at the right of the windows, you can see an english description of the periodicity you have selected
Day periodicity you have selected

Month periodicity you have selected

Year periodicity you have selected

Fields Descriptions
every Monday/ every Tuesday... generate sequences for all selected days
from Monday to Friday generate sequences between the two specified days
Holidays generate sequences every holiday
BUT Holiday generate sequences except holidays
1 Day(s) generate sequences every 1st of month
from 3 to 21 generate sequences between the two specified dates (3rd and 21th of each month)
every January/February generate sequences every specified month
from January to December generate sequences between the two specified months
every year generate sequences every year
every 2 years generate sequences a year every two years

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