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The aim of Kplan is to manage Notes/Activities.

A Note/Activity is a container for different kind of information:
  • time information (start and end dates of the Note)
  • information about Resources linked to the Note (the attached Contacts and Documents)
  • other information concerning the Note:
    - Level of Realisation  
    - Level of Emergency  
    - Level of Importancy  
    - Level of Satisfaction  

    - the Color associated to the Note
    - the Cost and the Place associated to the Note
    - the Alarms associated to the Note
    - the Status associated to the Note
    - the Lives associated to the Note
    - the Themes, i.e., the Categories associated to the Note (button )

You can create notes with Kplan by clicking on

This will open the following window:


Fields Descriptions
Title Title of the Note/Activity
Description Description of the Note/Activity
Participants Contacts linked to the Note/Activity
Documents Documents linked to the Note/Activity
Satisfaction Level of Satisfaction for the Note/Activity
Realisation Level of Realisation for the Note/Activity
Importancy Level of Importancy for the Note/Activity
Emergency Level of Emergency for the Note/Activity
Themes the Categories associated to this Note/Activity (button )

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