The 3 Lives
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  Lives Buttons
Kplan allows you to manage (in one file) information concerning:
  • your professional life
  • your associative life
  • your personal life

All objects in Kplan (Notes/Activites/Contacts/Documents) can be classified in one or several lives.

You can visualize then your personal/associative/professional time-table with the buttons located above the contacts and documents tabs (see following screenshot).

3 lives

Pratically: when you are creating a Note, at the bottom of the edit windows of a Note, you find 3 buttons. Select all that apply for your Note and validate.

Let us say that you have selected "associative life" and "professional life". your Note now belongs to these 2 lives.

3 lives : associative life and professional life

The 3 buttons on top of the screen (professional/associative/personal) will then let you see ONLY the Notes belonging to the selected lives. Therefore if you select the "professional life" ONLY, you will not be able to see the Note you have created, but if you select "associative life", your Note will appear in your time table. Same for the "personal life".

To view all your Notes, you must select all 3 lives

Of course, the same rules apply for all other Activites (CheckLists...), for your Contacts and your Documents.

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