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Kplan Personal

Manage agendas, activities, notes, contacts, documents...

Manage Calendars Manage Notes & Activities Manage Contacts Manage Documents Associate, Organize

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Kplan is an Information Management Software to organize your information and your documents.

KPLAN PERSONAL is the ideal companion, light and fast to manage and organize your information. KPLAN integrates an Information Manager, a Time Manager (Agenda + Organizer) and a Resource Linker which associates different resources (individuals, companies, documents).

time management Time Management: You can display instantly your different activities using agenda multiple views (years, months, days) or by categories view. Kplan is designed to manage what is most precious to you: your time.

classification Classification and association: Kplan simplifies information handling: manage, organize, dispatch, associate, search information (notes, files, contacts...) as needed !

lives management personal life
professional life associative life
professional associative
3 lives Management: Kplan centralizes all your appointments, notes, documents or contacts belonging to one of your:
  • Private Life your private life,
  • Professional Life your professional life,
  • Associative Life or your associative life.
Kplan brings to one place all your private and professional activities. Connections between lives are easy to manage.

alarm Alarms: Use Kplan Alarms for all your important events. Kplan will trigger when an alarm should happen, therefore giving you the tools to be always on time for important moments in your professional or private life.

Moreover, smart functions contribute to make Kplan extremely friendly:

    birthdays Birthdays recall and celebrationsof celebration for contacts

    Customizing holidays

    The different information associated to your Notes / Activities (Satisfaction, Realization, Emergency and Importance), in which you can arrange information.

    But also the Kplan display customizing to suit your environment.

    The PRINTABLE REPORTS of your activities/contacts/documents and more...

Kplan Personal is complete and free, as defined in METAGENIA Philosophy.

Discover the easy and friendly interfaces of KPLAN, which let you access quickly to all your information on one screen.

View detailed Specifications of Kplan Personal

See online help for KPLAN !

higher version KPLAN PLUS
Discover the advanced release of KPLAN
With Kplan, planning has never been so easy !