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Price and materiel configuration
Features PERSO
Licence US gratuit - free

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

RAM (minimum) 128 Mo


Standard functionalities
Features PERSO
Calendar Tab
Calendar tab

Notes and Activities Tab
Notes and Activities Tab

Contacts Tab
Contacts Tab

Documents Tab
Documents Tab

Life in Kplan
Life management

Features PERSO
Icon in windows taskbar
KPlan appears int the system tray (an icon is visible near the clock in the task bar)

Save windows status
emorize your personal working environment settings (windows size & position...)

Can launch external programs (i.e. Windows calculator...) from within KPlan

Open by default last saved file

Customize colors for the interface
holidays and week-ends


Holidays management
Holidays settings

Features PERSO
Convivial planning view
Convivial planning view

Convivial change
Convivial calendar change

Day view
Day view

Month view
Month view

Year view
Year view

Drag et Drop

Recall Birthdays and Name-day of your contacts

Flexible holidays management: you can select either national holidays or define your own

Notes and events management
Features PERSO
Notes and Activities Tab
Notes and Activities Tab

Notes / Activities classification
Easy to build and to customize tree
High performance notes/activities classification (you define the entire classification system). Classify a note/activity into SEVERAL different categories.
Notes Dispatching

Colored notes

Cost and place in the notes


Easy access to a note/activity Easy access to a note/activity with the use of multi-criteria filters

Contacts Management
Features PERSO
Contacts Tab

Contacts classification
Easy to build and to customize tree
Classify a Contact/Company into SEVERAL different categories

New contact

Link pictures to contacts

Send a mail to contacts

Company management
Company = Group contacts in one category


Documents Management
Features PERSO
Document classification
High performance electronic documents management
Document can be present in SEVERAL categories

Documents (link to file) Add additional information for your documents
New document

Import - Export
Features PERSO
Importation Assistant
Data Importat

Import contacts from text files

Import Contacts from Outlook

Import Outlook Calendar

Import Outlook Express (contacts)

Features PERSO
Print Calendar
Calendar Print

Print Activities Report Generate detailed reports of your notes/activities
Notes/Activities Print

Print Contacts Report Generate detailed reports of your contacts
Contacts Print

Print Documents Report

Security, Install, Uninstall
Features PERSO
File protection
File protection

Advanced incident reporting system
incident reporting

Additional Tools
Features PERSO
Date Calculator
Date calculator (difference between 2 dates...) included

Date calculator

Customized Tools
Customized Tools