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The KPLAN global view
    Notice the 3 buttons (Professional/Associative/Private Life) that you can use to organize your information (activities, contacts,...) according to the type of life (private/professional/associative) it belongs to.

Day view
    A small glass of champagne shows for friday july 11th, indicating one of your contacts' celebration day
    Kplan will recall birthdays for all your relations (i.e thursday 17 july).

    Notice different small icons ( sheets) indicating existing notes.

Create Customized Classifications
    KPLAN will let you build your classification as needed . You can create one classification for your notes, one for your contacts and one for your documents.
    Each classification can include categories, sub-categories, sub-sub...categories to match your organization.
    Existing classifications can be improved in the future to match any new classification requirements !
Make your own note's classification

The Note Window
    This the space where you create and organize Notes/Activities.
    Notice the different classification levels (Satisfaction/Realization/Importance/Emergency) that are available.
    It is also possible to customize the color associated to each Note/Activity.
New note window with the tree category

The Person Windows
    This is the place where you create and organize Contacts
    Notice that it is possible to link a picture to each person
New contact creation window

The Document Windows
    This is the place where you create and organize Documents.
    The documents can beopened directly by Kplan
New electronic document creation window