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Licence of Kplan Personal
KPLAN PERSONAL is a Freeware, which means that you are free to use it at no charge.
You can use this software personally or make copies for your friends.

  • this software remains the sole property of METAGENIA !
  • You are not allowed to modify or do any reverse-engineering to KPLAN PERSONAL software
  • You are not allowed to charge any price for the distribution of KPLAN PERSONAL.

We are always pleased to read your comments or suggestions. Comments are also appeciated if you were not pleased with KPLAN PERSONAL.
Your comments will help us to make a better KPLAN PERSONAL software which will benefit to all the users community.

METAGENIA declines any responsibility for this software usage.
METAGENIA cannot be held responsible for any damage related to the downloading, installation or usage of Kplan Personal software.
Finally : Use this software with the agreement of this software licence...We are waiting for your feedback.